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Happy 20th anniversary Arashi!

Dear Arashi,

My thoughts on Arashi as they celebrate their 20th anniversary...
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 Mariposa xox

Happy 5x20!! Subbed: PV 5x20

Happy 5x20!!!!!!

Happy 20th anniversary to Arashi!!!
I hope everyone had an great day celebrating Arashi's 20th anniversary!! It really has been 20 years :') What an amazing 20 years!
I'm so thankful I was able to cross paths with them in this whole wide world.
Thank you for the countless dreams you've shown us. I'm glad I met you and I'm glad to be an Arashi fan! <3

I know this song has been subbed before many times, but since I've already worked on it, I thought I'd release in anyway.
If you don't mind having many copies, please check it out!

Softsub (I think the softsub quality is better)

I also made a fanvid a while back, when I got a live audio of the 5x20 song. It contains clips from 5x20 from the news and also some pictures too from the first round of concerts.
It contains some of my memories of 5x20 last year too. Feel free to check it out!


By the way, if anyone can recommend where you can get pretty fonts for subtitles I would really appreciate that!! I wanted to make the video more pretty, but didn't have much fonts to choose from. I want a cute font that moves with the karaoke, and with sparkles around them >_< Please let me know and I'll try and touch the video up to make it better. Thanks!!
Hope you enjoy it!!!

Mariposa xox

Happy 36th birthday Jun-kun! <3

Happy 36th birthday dear Jun-kun!!!
When I first met Jun-kun, it was through Hana Yori Dango. I thought the character was cute, and was surprised to find the actor's personality was pretty cute and similar to Domyouji too.
I then went to watch other Matsujun dramas, and was gradually pulled into Arashi.
At that time, Jun-kun was 32 years old. I vaguely remembered that Japonism concert was happening at the time. When the next year came 99.9 was aired.  I remember waiting for the double A side single of I seek/Daylight to be released.
When I think about how 4 years have gone by since I first became a fan, it went by like a flash. But when I think about how Jun-kun is now 36 years old, I feel like a long time has gone by...

Chibi Jun-kun with the most intense eyebrows a baby could have.
Cool and rebellious high-school aged Jun-kun
Jun-kun who couldn't hold his tears on 24 hour tv
Jun-kun who stays up all night to prepare for concerts
Jun-kun whose smile and eyes are the happiest during concerts.

I wish that you have an amazing and memorable birthday, and that this is the best concert for you! I hope you get lots of celebrations and surprises. I wonder what Arashi will buy for you this year (a house?? >_<).
I wish that you will always be happy and healthy, and that your dreams continue to come true. I wish that the scenery you want to see will continue into the future. I hope that at that time, you'll want to share it with us too.I wish that you will always continue to shine.
I believe in Arashi and Matsujun, and will always continue to support you.

For all your hard work and dedication, for showing us the strength of dreams, and your warmth and humility, 

Thank you and Happy Birthday!

Subbed: Ninomiya Toumei Ningen


To celebrate Nino's birthday I subbed this old clip of Nino dressed up as the invisible man, as he helps this little boy called Mune-kun. There's also Chibi Arashi there too! ^_^ It's super cute!
It's a bit late for Nino's birthday.. unfortunately I couldn't make it on time.
Oh well, better late than never! (I had planned to sub this for almost 2 years but never got around to finishing it).

Hope you enjoy it and once again Happy birthday Nino-chan!!~ Thank you for everything! <3
Link here

*p.s. all of them look so worn up from this >_<

 <3 Mariposa ~

Nino-chan happy 36th birthday!!!

Happy 36th birthday Nino-chan!!! <3 <3 <3
It's really hard to believe that Nino has now also turned 36!
I wish you a very happy birthday filled with all the things you love, lots of free time, hamburgers, games, sake, and of course Arashi ^_^.
As always, I wish you lots of happiness, joyful times and good health!
I hope Arashi all sent you happy birthday messages early in the morning today ~ :D

I think all of us now think back at how hard your birthday 2 years ago might have been. I remember at that time I was on an exchange program in Japan and was really sad I couldn't go to see you at waku waku gakkou. But you looked so happy at WWG, being carried around by all the members during that silly wife relay event.
I didn't notice at all how you might have been feeling at the time.
Through everything that has happened this year, Nino has been so cool, strong and a powerful speaker, supporting the rest of Arashi and looking out for all of us fans.
Nino who views Arashi as 4 people and him as their closest fan, Nino who normally mucks around and teases other members, but was the first to cry in the concert and music station this year, Nino who Arashi takes such a big place in his heart ... I can only imagine what a day that would have been.
Nino's words "No matter when, we will always be Arashi", right from the first day has become something dear that I am holding onto. From something that is just a small hope, but when repeated again and again on TV shows and at the concerts this year, it's become something I believe in now.

I know you said you won't ever forget that day 2 years ago, but I hope that from now on your birthday will continue to be filled with many more happy memories.
I hope that next year the concert falls on your birthday. ^_^
Thank you for everything, and take care. I love you!

Happy birthday!! ~ 36歳の誕生日おめでとうございます!これからもずっと応援します!大好きです!! <3


Happy 37th birthday Sho-chan!!

Happy 37th birthday Sho-chan!!
I can't believe you're 37!! ~ It seems like you can't believe it either!! <-- see pic
I hope you have the best birthday ever!! I hope you get to eat all of your favourite foods!
Recently Sho-kun has become all soft and cute since the beginning of this tour started. Your words are so honest, and touching :') I wish I could have understood it properly when you said it at the concert, but everytime I reread your speeches now I become teary. Thank you for sharing your memories of these 20 years. Thank you for working so hard these 20 years. Thank you for making us glad that we are Arashi fans :')
Thank you for knowing that international fans also celebrate your birthday every year :')
I'm so thankful that 24 years ago, you decided to send in your application to Johnny's and decided to continue with it despite all the odds.
May you have a great year blessed with happiness, good health and lots of love from those around you and all your fans. I'm so happy I could meet you at the concert last year. It's greedy of me, but I hope to see Arashi once again this year ^_^

Happy birthday!!! ~

P.s. balloting information is out!!!~ I'm so nervous!!! I had a hunch it would come out today on Sho-kun's birthday!!! Best of luck to everyone!! I hope I can go too!!

Happy birthday Aiba-chan + sub TSD

Happy birthday dear Aiba-chan!!!
Wishing you the happiest 36th birthday!! I hope you have lots and lots of fun in the concert today! Exactly one year, at this time last year me and my friends were outside Tokyo dome buying goods and waiting for the concert to start. I was holding my Aiba uchiwa secretly wishing you a happy birthday from outside the dome. Even though we couldn’t go in we had an amazing time. I can’t believe one year later I have been lucky enough to see Arashi’s concert live! It was so fun!! Aiba-kun’s birthday holds this kind of special memory for me. I hope you have a blast today! I wish you another wonderful year of happiness, good health and fun times!! Please continue to laugh and smile always!! Thank you for continuing to do this tour for us fans all through the next year! Please look after your health ok?
I’ll always be wishing for your happiness!

To celebrate here is a sub for Aiba’s birthday. It’s from Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen where Aiba trims and shampoos this cute dog! This is a collab with anupapaya who has kindly done with timing/timesetting/part of the subs. Thank you!! The raw is from arashigoodies (thank you!) I hope you enjoy it and all have a great day celebrating Aiba’s birthday. Hope everyone also has a merry Christmas and a happy and safe new year!!
Link here

Happy 38th birthday Ohno-kun!

Happy 38th birthday Ohno-kun!!
As always thank you for being Arashi's calm and easy going leader. Although you don't say very much, you always step in and support Arashi when it really matters. I really believe that Arashi can be who they are right now because Ohno-kun is the leader. Wishing you good health always, and wishing you a lovely birthday filled with lots of your favourite things! I hope you can eat lots of sweets and go fishing, and I don't mind at all if this year you are still dark! >_< I'm looking forward to hearing stories about what you did on your birthday and what presents you got from Arashi. ^_^ Also, happy 20th anniversary with Arashi. Ohno-kun was very cute in the concert talking about sweets with Aiba <3. I'm so happy to meet you at the concert even from far away!! Like you said, even if it looks like you're an old man, you're still young!!
Good luck and do your best for the long anniversary tour! I will continue to support you always ^_^

P.s. Thank you to Ohno's mum for always giving birth to him :'D

 CONTAINS SPOILERS - Please don't read if you don't want spoilers
(and also contains lots of rambling, personal memories and cheesy things from me)
Before the concert
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The actual concert
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Thank you for taking the time to read all of my long ramblings!! Part of this was me wanting to write it down so that I will always remember it too and express my gratitude.
Best wishes to Arashi for their long 5x20 tour, and I hope everyone who goes has an amazing time!
I look forward to seeing the concert DVD of 5x20 so I can relive these memories :')

~ 夢見せてありがとうございます!!長いツアー頑張ってください!!最後まで応援します!!そして本当に20周年おめでとうございます!!! <3

Mariposa <3
Happy 19th single debut anniversary Arashi!!
Every time this year, I attempt to relisten to all of Arashi's singles from A.RA.SHI.
There are so much!! I've only just gone past 10 years. Thank you for continuing to produce many songs every year. Thank you for the encouraging messages hidden inside each song, thank you for the funny pvs that make me laugh :'D. Thank you for your endless hard work for us fans!
Wishing you all good health and happiness, and that your dreams will continue to come true!

One of my dreams is also coming true. One of my friends hit tickets to Arashi's 5x20 and is taking me with her! I'm so grateful and happy! :') Even though I've been wishing to see one of their concerts since about 3 years ago, I didn't really think I'd be able to see them in person so soon! It feels so unreal and although it's been weeks since it was announced, it's hard to believe. It just doesn't feel like I'm actually gonna see those 5 guys I always see on my computer screen in real life. I'm actually so nervous!! >_< I'm looking forward to celebrating Arashi's 20 years with them. My dream of becoming one of those synchronising penlights inside the dome is coming true! I want to do my best to support them! It's only 2 weeks away now! I'll make sure to update my thoughts here.

Also, I wanted to sub Arashi's new single Kimi no uta. It's a really nice and gentle song, I really love the lyrics. It's a pity, I've heard that it's not selling well at the moment. What are everyone's thoughts about it?
I'm a bit worried about sharing an official music video so I'm gonna remove it in 3 days, and just leave the soft subs. It is timed to the pv version on arashigoodies (thank you!).
Apologies for any translation parts that are incorrect as I am still learning.
Please don't upload/stream or share them anywhere else! I just want us to enjoy the song together.

Happy 5x19 everyone! :D 💙❤️💚💛💜

(I still made it on time if we're considering Japan time!!)
Mariposa xoxo