September 16th, 2019

Happy 5x20!! Subbed: PV 5x20

Happy 5x20!!!!!!

Happy 20th anniversary to Arashi!!!
I hope everyone had an great day celebrating Arashi's 20th anniversary!! It really has been 20 years :') What an amazing 20 years!
I'm so thankful I was able to cross paths with them in this whole wide world.
Thank you for the countless dreams you've shown us. I'm glad I met you and I'm glad to be an Arashi fan! <3

I know this song has been subbed before many times, but since I've already worked on it, I thought I'd release in anyway.
If you don't mind having many copies, please check it out!

Softsub (I think the softsub quality is better)

I also made a fanvid a while back, when I got a live audio of the 5x20 song. It contains clips from 5x20 from the news and also some pictures too from the first round of concerts.
It contains some of my memories of 5x20 last year too. Feel free to check it out!


By the way, if anyone can recommend where you can get pretty fonts for subtitles I would really appreciate that!! I wanted to make the video more pretty, but didn't have much fonts to choose from. I want a cute font that moves with the karaoke, and with sparkles around them >_< Please let me know and I'll try and touch the video up to make it better. Thanks!!
Hope you enjoy it!!!

Mariposa xox

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