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Happy 38th birthday Ohno-kun!

Happy 38th birthday Ohno-kun!!
As always thank you for being Arashi's calm and easy going leader. Although you don't say very much, you always step in and support Arashi when it really matters. I really believe that Arashi can be who they are right now because Ohno-kun is the leader. Wishing you good health always, and wishing you a lovely birthday filled with lots of your favourite things! I hope you can eat lots of sweets and go fishing, and I don't mind at all if this year you are still dark! >_< I'm looking forward to hearing stories about what you did on your birthday and what presents you got from Arashi. ^_^ Also, happy 20th anniversary with Arashi. Ohno-kun was very cute in the concert talking about sweets with Aiba <3. I'm so happy to meet you at the concert even from far away!! Like you said, even if it looks like you're an old man, you're still young!!
Good luck and do your best for the long anniversary tour! I will continue to support you always ^_^

P.s. Thank you to Ohno's mum for always giving birth to him :'D

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