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Nino-chan happy 36th birthday!!!

Happy 36th birthday Nino-chan!!! <3 <3 <3
It's really hard to believe that Nino has now also turned 36!
I wish you a very happy birthday filled with all the things you love, lots of free time, hamburgers, games, sake, and of course Arashi ^_^.
As always, I wish you lots of happiness, joyful times and good health!
I hope Arashi all sent you happy birthday messages early in the morning today ~ :D

I think all of us now think back at how hard your birthday 2 years ago might have been. I remember at that time I was on an exchange program in Japan and was really sad I couldn't go to see you at waku waku gakkou. But you looked so happy at WWG, being carried around by all the members during that silly wife relay event.
I didn't notice at all how you might have been feeling at the time.
Through everything that has happened this year, Nino has been so cool, strong and a powerful speaker, supporting the rest of Arashi and looking out for all of us fans.
Nino who views Arashi as 4 people and him as their closest fan, Nino who normally mucks around and teases other members, but was the first to cry in the concert and music station this year, Nino who Arashi takes such a big place in his heart ... I can only imagine what a day that would have been.
Nino's words "No matter when, we will always be Arashi", right from the first day has become something dear that I am holding onto. From something that is just a small hope, but when repeated again and again on TV shows and at the concerts this year, it's become something I believe in now.

I know you said you won't ever forget that day 2 years ago, but I hope that from now on your birthday will continue to be filled with many more happy memories.
I hope that next year the concert falls on your birthday. ^_^
Thank you for everything, and take care. I love you!

Happy birthday!! ~ 36歳の誕生日おめでとうございます!これからもずっと応援します!大好きです!! <3


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