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Happy 36th birthday Jun-kun! <3

Happy 36th birthday dear Jun-kun!!!
When I first met Jun-kun, it was through Hana Yori Dango. I thought the character was cute, and was surprised to find the actor's personality was pretty cute and similar to Domyouji too.
I then went to watch other Matsujun dramas, and was gradually pulled into Arashi.
At that time, Jun-kun was 32 years old. I vaguely remembered that Japonism concert was happening at the time. When the next year came 99.9 was aired.  I remember waiting for the double A side single of I seek/Daylight to be released.
When I think about how 4 years have gone by since I first became a fan, it went by like a flash. But when I think about how Jun-kun is now 36 years old, I feel like a long time has gone by...

Chibi Jun-kun with the most intense eyebrows a baby could have.
Cool and rebellious high-school aged Jun-kun
Jun-kun who couldn't hold his tears on 24 hour tv
Jun-kun who stays up all night to prepare for concerts
Jun-kun whose smile and eyes are the happiest during concerts.

I wish that you have an amazing and memorable birthday, and that this is the best concert for you! I hope you get lots of celebrations and surprises. I wonder what Arashi will buy for you this year (a house?? >_<).
I wish that you will always be happy and healthy, and that your dreams continue to come true. I wish that the scenery you want to see will continue into the future. I hope that at that time, you'll want to share it with us too.I wish that you will always continue to shine.
I believe in Arashi and Matsujun, and will always continue to support you.

For all your hard work and dedication, for showing us the strength of dreams, and your warmth and humility, 

Thank you and Happy Birthday!


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