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Happy 37th birthday Matsujun!

Today it is Matsujun's birthday!! Happy 37th birthday!!
It's amazing how another year has gone by so fast! Wishing you the happiest birthday and an amazing year ahead!
I hope you were able to spend an enjoyable day today (even while going to work with Aiba-chan <3). I hope Arashi buy you those pieces of furniture you were looking for >_<
I hope you were able to celebrate your birthday with the important people around you, and eat lots of birthday cake! ^_^
Thanks for reading our messages on SNS and mentioning it in your Enjoy post, I'm glad that our feelings reached him. <3

I want to say thank you to you for always thinking of and caring about Arashi and your fans more than anything else. Thank you for those sleepless nights you spend planning concerts so that everyone can enjoy and have a fun time. With all the thoughts and efforts you put in, it must have been devastating to see your plans disappear one by one. To you who are always so hard on yourself, you must have felt it more than anyone else.
Thank you for continuing to do your best even when you were down. Thank you for always thinking about the things that only you can do. Although it has not been possible to meet directly, I have felt more connected than ever. Your feelings were definitely conveyed.

From your warm messages to the frontliners, to Waku waku gakkou, Johnny's happy live with you, full concerts available online, storybook reading, and regular SNS updates... through this difficult time, I have been able to find an oacis in Arashi. They have become my strength to see everything through. I'm glad that I have Arashi around at a time like this.

Thank you for everything you do for us.
I will always be wishing for your happiness and good health. I will always support your dream, and wish for the day your dreams come true.
I believe that one day Arashi will stand in Kokuritsu again, and Arafes 2020 will draw its curtains finally.

Please keep smiling. :')

Happy birthday!~ <3


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