Happy 5x19!! 💙❤️💚💛💜

Congratulations Arashi on 19 beautiful years! From the time when you debuted on that cruiser in Hawaii until now, thank you for all the smiles, laughters and emotions you shared with us. Thank you for bringing joy to this world. Thank you for being just the way you are, and showing us the kindness, strengths, mistakes and how hard you work to achieve your dreams. While being so normal and so dorky and straightforward, they have grown into people that are inspirational and larger than life. They give me the strength to believe that everything will be alright, and that we too can reach for our dreams and become a better person.

I can't describe these feelings in better words, how happy and grateful I am that I got to know them and what they mean to me. I am glad I became an Arashi fan. Even though I became a fan later than many others, I will always continue to support them from here on. I wish with all my heart for them to keep smiling as they continue to have fun and follow their dreams. I remember when Jun-kun said, that the kanji of Arashi is written as "mountain" over "wind". For me, Arashi is like the wind that softly supports us to overcome the mountain in front of us.

Thank you for being my rainbow on rainy days. Thank you for all the miracles you shared with us.

~ ありがとう君といたすべての奇跡に~ 💙❤️💚💛💜

Mariposa xoxo

Subbed: This is MJ - Kinpuri cut

Here is a late birthday present for Matsujun's birthday! I've subbed the This is MJ cut with King and Prince making ice cream ^_^
I think it's pretty cute. It's also funny how much MJ likes Cinderella Girl. Have you guys listened to it? It's a nice song ^_^

Hope you enjoy it!!

Raw credit: arashigoodies/多多漢堡肉
Links here
Please do not reupload/repost/make profit from this video.

Awww.. what a nice senpai <3

- Arashi's 5x20 ballot starts soon!! 13 September!! :D I hope I can go!!
- I really hope it's true that Jun-kun is the next Kouhaku host!! He will be great!! <3

Mariposa xoxo

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Happy birthday MJ!

Happy 35th birthday to my ichiban Matsujun!!!! :D
Wishing you another wonderful year filled with happiness, dreams and good health.
Please stay cool and cute and funny and dorky as you always are ^_^
Thank you as always for your hard work in Arashi <3
I'm looking forward to this year's anniversary concert and I really wish I could go!!

^^ I love this picture! So much joy!

P.s. I was gonna post something for MJ's birthday but as expected I didn't finish it on time... it will be posted on a later date ... >_<
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24 Hour TV 2013 - Sho

Hello everyone!! It's been a while! I can't believe my last post is on New Year's Day, and now it's already August!!

It has been a busy half a year from work, and I really wish I had more time to keep up to date with all the Arashi shows >.< And I haven't even written birthday posts for Sho and Nino this year yet :'( (sorry!! super late happy birthday!!)

Anyway, today I am sharing Sho's 24 hour tv from 2013 where he plays the piano for the students. I have finally figured out how to hardsub!! Thanks to sub sub gakkou :D

I hope you enjoy it!
(Apologies for any incorrect Japanese translations as I am only a beginner. Any corrections or comments are always welcome!)

Get it here!

^^ I like this picture.. Sho looked cool during this part, but my screenshot makes him look kinda scary :'D

P.S. It's nearly Matsujun's birthday .... what should I do to celebrate??

Mariposa xx

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Happy new year!!

Happy new year everyone!!!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2018 full of happiness and good health and dreams that come true! <3

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of 2017. I look forward to having more fun with you all this year. ^_^ Thanks to all the family and friends who have been here for me and supported me.

I finally finished uni after 6 years! It's been a long and stressful time but I've met some amazing friends and had amazing memories that I'll always treasure. It kind of feels strange now that I've finished. This was my dream that started about 8 years or so ago...and now it's really about to start. I will start working early this month, which I am very very nervous about! 

Also, I was finally able to enter Arashi's fc with the help of my friends (thank you Risa and CC)! Ever since I entered the Arashi fandom, this has been what I've wanted the most, so getting fc was already a dream come true for me. ^_^  Even though I didn't win the ballot, I was able to go to Japan twice this year, line up for goods and visit Tokyo dome on Aiba-chan's birthday while the concert was happening, take heaps of photos with photos of Arashi and meet lots of new fandom friends and hang out and receive Christmas gifts from them.

My goals for this year include settling into internship and getting along with people at work, looking out for people around me; my fandom goals include seeing an Arashi concert, having time to keep up to date with Arashi shows, learning Japanese and increasing my collection of CDs and goodies ^_^

To my family, friends, everyone in Arashi, thank you, and please look after me this year too! ~Yoroshiku ne~

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Happy birthday Aiba-chan!!

This is a really late post!! >.< sorry!!

Happy birthday dear Aiba-chan!!
Wishing you an amazing year with lots of happiness, good health, yummy sweets and fun times!!
I hope that your cake at the concert was delicious!! hehe ...
Thank you always for your cheerful personality and big smile and contagious laugh! Keep smiling always!! It always makes me feel happy! ^_^
Thank you for your hard work!! Thank you for producing concert goods every year!! ^_^

This year I wasn't able to go to the concert, but I was able to line up for goods on the 24th and take pictures of the Untitled standee and stand outside Tokyo dome knowing that the concert was happening right then!! :D
Thank you to CC and Risa who came with me! It was a really fun day!! ^_^

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Happy 37th birthday Ohno!!

Happy birthday dear Oh-chan!!!
It's hard to believe that Oh-chan is now 37 years old! I wish you all the happiness and good health and hope that you can continue to do the things that you like, of course that includes fishing ;) Lately your tan tells me that you have been fishing a lot! ^_^
Thanks for being Arashi's easy going yet firm leader when you have to be, thanks for continuing to do this job even when you have thought of quitting several times, thanks for all the weird and wonderful things you do on shows. I love seeing Oh-chan do skits and random things in variety shows the most! And of course thank you to Ohno's mother for always giving birth to him! ^_^
Keep smiling and I hope that this next year will be an even more wonderful one for you. I will continue to support you and Arashi in everything you do! :D <3

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Happy 18th single debut anniversary and subbed NCON 2013

Happy single debut anniversary Arashi!!
18 years ago, we got the first single A.RA.SHI!!! As always, thank you for all your hard work. I'm so glad I came to know Arashi and became a fan! ^_^

I hope everyone is also having a great Arashi day!!

I've subbed Arashi's appearance in the NCON's choir competition in 2013. Arashi's song Furusato was chosen as the compulsory song that year. This song has been sung many times since 2010 to support people after the earthquake in Japan. I thought it was a nice clip and I hope that you will enjoy it!

Please do not reupload, stream/share of streaming sites or public websites, sell for profit etc.

I apologise for any incorrect translations with my beginner-level Japanese. Let me know what you think, comments and corrections are very welcome!! Hope you like it!

New corrected version posted!
Here it is!

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Happy 5x18!!! <3

Happy 18th anniversary Arashi!!!!!!

Congratulations and thank your for working so hard and showing us a beautiful 18 years!
I haven't known Arashi for a long time, but the time that I have known them has been precious and I've learned so many things.

Thank you for cheering me up with your songs. Thank you for making me laugh with your variety shows. Thank you for showing me that I'm not alone when things go wrong, that it's ok to make mistakes, it's ok to cry, laugh, get angry, get scared, and it's ok to just be who I am.

Watching Arashi grow through 18 years, living honestly, running at full speed without taking any shortcuts, and at the same time, looking out for each other and being thankful for the people around them, makes me feel like I want to become a better person like them. Arashi gives me the strength to accept who I am, and move forward and do my best.

It's amazing how 5 people so far away, who I've never met before, can make this much of a difference.
From now on, I want to keep on supporting Arashi as a thank you for everything they've done for me and all their fans.

Wishing them the best anniversary, and many more great years to come!

18 周年おめでとう!!!

いつもありがとう!!! <3

~ 本気で泣いて  本気で笑って  本気で悩んで  本気で生きて ~

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潤くんお誕生日おめでとう!!(and subbed 24 hour tv tap dance)

Happy 34th birthday dear Jun-kun!!!!

Wishing you another amazing year with lots of happiness, fun and good health! Thank you for everything you've done in Arashi, and for us fans. Thank you for brightening up our lives ^_^ ! I hope you will always continue to do what you like, and follow your dreams! ^_^
I will always support you!! I'm looking forward to your next drama Narattage, and Arashi's next album and concert! :D

今までも, これからもありがとう!!ずっと応援しています!大好きです!!

As a little present on my ichiban's birthday, I subbed Matsujun's 24 hour tv tap dance from a few years back. I really like this clip and it's one of the clips that really make me love and look up to Matsujun! I hope he will continue to do these things :)

On another note, I am a very very beginner at learning Japanese, and this is my first sub that I'm sharing, so there are many things that I don't understand. I've either made guesses or left blanks on what I didn't understand. Any help would be appreciated!! I hope that you like it as much as I did! ^_^

Thanks for reading! Here it is!

Soft subs here
Raw here
(credit of Chesutosakurai - thank you!!)
Hard subs here (thank you winkychan! :D)

Please don't reupload on streaming sites/sell for profit/... etc. It's open anyway!

Have a wonderful day celebrating Matsujun's birthday! :D

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